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Questions with answers

Questions with answers

"What time can we check in or out?"
It is usually the case that you are checked out between 08:00 and 11:00 and checked in between 16:00 and 20:00. We would like to know the time of your check-in or check-out a day in advance.

"Is breakfast included and at what times?"
Yes, breakfast is always included when you book through this site. There is also a possibility for a GORDO breakfast. You must indicate this and it will be charged extra. In principle, breakfast is between 8.30 and 10.30 am, but if you want to leave early, we can take this into account. You never have to leave our finca with an empty stomach.

"How do we reach you?"
Our Bed and Breakfast is easily accessible by car, only the last 100 meters is gravel road. If you have google maps, enter Finca Gordo and Mr Google will show you the way. The GPS coordinates are 36.931616, -4.289682. Please note that you drive through the village and never take a sand path or gravel or sand path.
Public transport: No problem, a bus runs from Malaga to Riogordo 7 times a day from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 20:15. Saturday and Sunday ask 3 times if necessary for the times. It will take you about 1 hour. And if you have luggage, we will be happy to pick you up from the bus station.
If you want to be picked up from Malaga airport, no problem for € 80.00 we do an airport pick-up up to 4 people.

"Are there enough parking spaces?"
Our site is large enough and also has sufficient parking space behind our automatic gate. Your car is therefore safe and as far as possible out of sight of the seats.

"Where can we sit outside?"
Our Finca is 7800 m2 in size and has a seat with your room, but you can also sit and lie around the site. We only like to keep our own terrace in front of the house to ourselves.

"Is the pool heated?"
Yes, our 8 x 4 meter swimming pool is heated in spring and autumn. The pool is separate from the house with lounge chairs all around and where you can sunbathe privately and still enjoy the surroundings.

"Are children welcome?"
In principle, we would like to accommodate adults only, not because we are against children, but to guarantee the peace and privacy of the other guests. Would you rent all rooms with one or 2 families, then you are more than welcome with the children. We assume that you keep an eye on them yourself.

"Can we rent the whole complex?"
Yes, of course you can rent the whole complex if no other guests have been booked yet. Please keep in mind that we live on the Finca ourselves. If you want to rent the complex, we can arrange everything you want in consultation. Parties are also possible and if you want to let more guests sleep, we have contacts nearby where we can accommodate your (extra) guests.

"Do you also provide meals?"
Of course we provide breakfast, but we can also provide other drinks and meals for you.

"Can we use our own food and drink at the Finca?"
The honest answer: rather not. Preparing meals is really not possible. But we understand you, if you want to enjoy a very nice wine or something special. We will not stop you there. We would appreciate it if you use the honesty bar as much as possible.

"Are there also restaurants and shops in the village"
Yes, plenty of real Spanish restaurants and shops such as supermarket and grocery, butcher, bakery. There are even a museum and 2 churches. Upon arrival you will find an extensive list of most restaurants in your room.

"What is an Honesty Bar and how does it work"
Finca Gordo offers on the veranda or in the common room a so-called Honesty bar, a well-stocked fridge with soft drinks, Spanish wines and various beers. There are also savory snacks in the bar.We kindly ask you to write down what you have used and the costs will be charged upon departure.

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